9 Social Media Marketing Hacks You Didn’t Know About

Even if you are a professional or a budding marketer riding on the social media bandwagon, you still are miles away from learning every aspect of social media. When you believe that you get the mastery in social marketing, new feature pops up to burst your bubble. Trust me, I have been through this!

Advancement in technology is swiftly affecting the nature of social networking platforms, and it is always better to have some tricks and hacks under your sleeve to stay apt in this competitive world.

Continue reading to discover nine compelling hacks that can help you ace in social media marketing to achieve better engagement of the audience, improve conversions or enhance your user experience.

Use Augmented Reality

After the great success of AR game Pokémon GO, AR is transformed from gimmick to marketing strategy.

I believe it has the potential to influence the future of social media marketing by enhancing user experience and generating engagement.

You must have used 360-degree photo app at least once to get the panoramic picture, primarily that the part of AR. With the help of 360-degree images, you can enjoy the sights of different places without leaving the comfort of the home. Such pictures make the viewers more mesmerized and keep them engaged.

A famous clothing line used AR to attract more customers. With the help of AR camera, they created virtual changing room which motion capture the consumers. With the help of a virtual fitting room, it allowed shoppers to see an image of their face, and a similarly-sized model body, in different outfits.

Moreover, Instagram and Snapchat are also using AR face filters to make the social media stories more creative and compelling.

Follow Right People

Begin your day by following new people on social media.

The benefit of following new people is that when people see a new follower in their notification, there’s a high probability that they’ll check out your profile and follow you back if you have a fascinating profile.

Following new people have a perk that you can easily reach out to new followers via direct message and give them insight about your product and services. Even a simple gesture like “thanks for following” can also work like a charm.

There are nearly 25 million business profiles and every day 200 million users visit at least one business profile. Moreover, 60% of people are more tend to discover the products on Instagram.

Seeing the number elicits that this simple hack will help you engage with different people and it won’t take long.

Apply Ephemeral Content

As a marketer I use this mode in my digital marketing strategies for fetching consumers as social media stories are getting a lot of craze in recent times.

If you are tech-savvy marketers, then utilize this technique to advertise your brand by showcasing your product and services innovatively and creatively.

You can feature your employees in social media stories, show behind the curtain moments, making of the product, ask for reviews, and give a short preview of the upcoming products to excite the audience.

Stories broadcasted on social media platform stay for a short period which makes it easy for you to target the people as they have a FOMO (fear of missing out).

Instagram stories have 300 million daily users. Among this, 1 out of 5 organic stories from business receives a direct message.

Posting social media stories on digital platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. can provide you with the traffic that you desire and in turn receive more leads and sales.

Recycle Content

The beginning of your social marketing journey may have been rough; the posts that you have published earlier didn’t receive the sweet fruits that you intended.

Another reason for not receiving the hype is the time difference, after all, if you post something in the afternoon in New York time, it’s already midnight in Canberra, so it may be possible that some of your audience will miss the post and may never see the content.

Unless you reuse the post for gaining reach, reposting older post will acquire extra shares so that the scope of your content can be enhanced.

Tell A Story

To brand your business in a compelling way it is essential to sell your story. I can tell you that during the early phase of the company it is hard to make a long-lasting impression in front of the audience.

Nearly 78% of the end users have an opinion that companies who focus on custom content are more trustworthy than companies who churn out generic content.

Building a fascinating story aids you to keep the focus on your company identity and culture, and also it is an incredible way to make a unique stature in front of your clients and customers.

Let’s say Swiggy, an online food delivery company who used storytelling to show the deeper meaning of life to their audience. It has made them one of the most iconic brands of today.

It is one fantastic illustration of the brand who utilizes user data to tell engaging stories. Swiggy’s stories consistently echo with their audience by bringing real-life events that they care about.

In short, a successful social media campaign can only work with a compelling story. You can create your reliable brand by using the storytelling as a marketing idea.

Employ Graphics

You must understand that visually stunning design is a critical component of social media marketing. Without graphical content, you are avoiding a massive chunk of communication opportunities.

Social media posts having an image receive the most engagement—in fact, tweets with photographs and videos get 150% more retweets than those without.

Nowadays, there are a plethora of methods to incorporate visual media into your posts. One of the most appealing forms of images is an info-graphic. Research about your niche and other long-form content to create shareable info-graphics filled with pictures and other nuggets of information.

Or, you can try out the video. Posting videos about testimonies, behind-the-scene, product features, and tutorials can help you make your customers interested in the brand.

Besides, almost every social media platforms have auto-play features which elevate the chance of your videos getting the attention of your followers while on a social media video binge.

Incorporate #Hashtags

Tweeting and sharing topic that’s currently #trending will aid you in getting more engagement.

It doesn’t matter if a topic is trending like #Oscars2019 or an evergreen hashtag like #photooftheday, hashtags that are followed by millions of people is a great way to get your audience’s attention.

Use hashtags or topics wisely that are relevant to your brand or topics that your followers will find interesting.

At the same time, try to avoid controversial topics like politics or religion as it can make your brand receive a negative response and make you look unprofessional, and can even lead your audience to flee away from your content.

Host Social Media Contests

Running a photo contest is an exceptional approach to grow your social media following, elevate engagement, and to appreciate your followers by a giveaway gift.

Organizing a “best” photograph competition or host a giveaway contest that requires your audience to like, share, or tag someone in an image can help you gain a lot of engagement.

Tip: Try to organize a photo contest to bring more engagement while Scavenger hunt can help you to drive sales to your shops.

If a contest is relevant to your brand, ensure that you abide by specific contest rules that are drafted by the different social networks to avoid any penalties.

Respond to reviews

Use your social media reviews as an advantage to connect with your clients and ask them to refer to their friends.

Like all positive reviews on your Facebook page. This simple gesture by you shows that you care about your audience which makes them more likely to follow your business’ page to find future content. Moreover, such interactions will make your customer stay loyal to your brand.

In closing

Social media is a powerful tool which must be used creatively and wisely to showcase your brand’s message. Surprisingly, it does take a lot of time and skill to learn and can be employed readily by using this hacks in the right way.

It’s worth your time to reach a broader audience by making your brand’s presence felt.