Meet Jitesh Keswani – SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist

Jitesh is the proud Founder of e-Intelligence. Or to rephrase it, “Jitesh is a proud Founder of the company that empowers other founders across the world.” An avid thinker, a passionate analyst and an eloquent writer, Jitesh is seen as an authoritative voice on marketing technology issues and is featured in many industry-leading blogs, such as Search Engine Journal. He is also a regular contributor to the leading national dailies and periodicals. Jitesh is well-noted and often-quoted for his first-hand digital marketing expertise in countless other media. What does he write about? Any and everything related to ideas, change, leadership, never-say-never, albeit in the context of marketing on the web.

“Your own laziness is your worst competitor. If you conquer it then no one can put a cap on how far and fast you can grow,” is an idea deeply stamped into his mind from the very beginning. Through this blog, Jitesh is eager to share his strategies and tactics as well as the knowledge that he has gained over the last decade that helped him grow his business. Other than an excellent writer, Jitesh is a prolific speaker too. He especially likes speaking on the topics like innovation, entrepreneurship, assertiveness, enchantment, and everything digital. And to talk flawlessly and seamlessly on these great topics, Jitesh endlessly keeps reading.

So, how should you use this blog? Well, think of it as a melting pot of information and of course lots of sharp wits filled with sheer determination and strategic hustle. Through this blog, Jitesh shares his vision on the impacts of emerging marketing technologies on businesses and society at large. Jitesh also advices marketers and start-ups on change management and how to embrace the dynamic digital initiatives, marketing communication systems and business processes to be successful in this era of micro-connected-consumerism.

Jitesh is extremely approachable. So, the next time you see him out and about at a conference or in an inter-terminal lounge, don’t hesitate to drop in on him and say hi. He would simply love chatting with you, promise.

Here’s to your digital marketing success… for good!